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Re: ASU Winter Intensive

On behalf of Jihonjuku, it was our pleasure to see this camp be such an enjoyable success. As many of you know it takes a lot of planning and hard work to make an event of this size happen and we are very grateful for the hard work done by so many of our students. We also wanted to take a moment to thank all the great instructors starting of course with Saotome Shihan (going in reverse alphabetical order simply to follow Saotome Shihan's name) thank you also to: P. Saotome Sensei, J. Messores Sensei, G. Ledyard Sensei, P. Kang Sensei, D. Hooker Sensei, K. Choate Sensei. We were truly blessed with so many great instructors teaching at this seminar!

We thank all of you who attended. Hope you found a resort on one of the beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast in December a pleasant environment to train. It seemed that with people like Jun, as just one of many examples, coming down with such great attitudes and willingness to have a great time just made the event that much more enjoyable. In addition, students from other dojos helping us tear down the mats at the end just goes to show what an incredible community of people we have in Aikido.

For those of you who missed this year, well start planning and preparing for next years ASU Winter Intensive on St Pete Beach in sunny Florida.

Gene Martinelli
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