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Re: "Proactive" Aikido?

Min Wrote:

Kevin, there are a LOT of people who are more experienced and talented and better and a whole lot of other things than I am and the reason I posted was simply because I wanted feedback on my current approach to Aikido.

Given that, I don't think of Aikido as a self-defense program, nor something that teaches you how to fight in a very efficient manner.

Which is very different from saying that it doesn't teach you to fight, period. Or that Aikido is ineffective. Just that maybe your Aikido doesn't work!

I'm just hopeful that as I continue training, my level of understanding will deepen.

As far as why others don't train like you and I and some others espouse, with a greater emphasis on the realities of physical confrontation? I don't know except to say that different people train for different reasons. And different instructors teach differently for their own reasons, and teach different things.
I understand. As you know, I have a tendency to get a little over zealous with things.

I have been practicing and working in a whole nother world and people with a different focus for the last four years, and you know my wiring has always been from this perspective anyway.

I hope you did not take this as dismissing your reasons for training, or devaluing it in anyway. I have a great deal of respect for ANV, you, and everyone else is our organization.

As you say, we all have to figure this out for ourselves. It has always been nice to have you to work through this stuff. I appreciate your patience and time. Thanks.
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