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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Greg Steckel wrote:
During this time, I have run into a handful of aikidoka that are the "real deal" that can get into my center and do what they want with me where I have no control. However, with most, I generally can control energy and direction of the technique as uke.
Well, even though the kokyu/ki-related things can get far more sophisticated than most of the stuff that's been discussed on the forum, you can still look at it as roughly a step up in manipulating forces, energies, your own body, etc.... not something metaphysical. Once you get some abilities in these skills, you can interrupt and block an unfinished technique by someone who also has these skills. Just a step up. Of course, it seems pretty obvious that Ueshiba based Aikido on this second step and not on the first, but we've discussed that many times.
Anyway, thanks again for your insights - we have a mutual martial acquaintance that thinks your views of internal energies are 'spot' on and I have a tendency to agree with him.
Well every year I get better... which means that the stuff I did the year before was not "spot on". Which further means that the stuff I'm doing right now, while far better than what I did, say, ten years ago, is still not "spot on". Zu bald alt; Zu spaet klug. "Too soon old; Too late smart".


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