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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Greg:

I'm not fully decided, mainly because I have some reservations......

Thanks for the reply. I understand your reservations. I first trained in Aikido with the Ki society back in the mid 70s in Guam when I was stationed there with the Navy. At that time, 'Ki' was the way to go and all the other organizations were just missing the point - well, that was their story line at the time. On returning to the States in 77, I eventually drifted away from Aikido due to the sparse dojos available then. However, I started up again a few yeas ago and have been bouncing around between AAA, ASU, Aikikai, and a couple independent dojos; but no Ki society dojos. During this time, I have run into a handful of aikidoka that are the "real deal" that can get into my center and do what they want with me where I have no control. However, with most, I generally can control energy and direction of the technique as uke.

Like you, I have an interest in the internal energies and have been looking in many areas for the 'secrets' that would lead to them. Since none of the aikidoka I ran across in the States were talking about Ki, I thought the answer certainly was not there; I even invested money in some of the vibrational medicine books you referred to in your posts. Funny thing happened along this path; a lot of the stuff I was running across was very similar with a lot of the basic Ki stuff I was taught back in the 70s. Based on that, I started to re-visit those principles and methods and incorporated them into my daily personal training and I am slowly starting to feel changes in how my techniques are starting to flow like they used to years ago.

Anyway, thanks again for your insights - we have a mutual martial acquaintance that thinks your views of internal energies are 'spot' on and I have a tendency to agree with him.

Best Regards

Greg Steckel
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