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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Ellis Amdur wrote:
Mark - you are trying so hard!
LOL, well, I guess it can't be said that I'm a slacker.

Ellis Amdur wrote:
And causing Dan to wax polemic at such length (everything he says is correct, I think except for the aikido naming, but it's your fault he's so exercised).
I'll probably pay for it, too, whenever I see him again.

Ellis Amdur wrote:
1) Takeda changed the name before ...
I snipped a bit, but duly noted. Thanks.

Ellis Amdur wrote:
(I'm going to pull a "Dan" here and as a rhetorical question - Why did so many of the prewar deshi either quit and form their own group, quit entirely, or hold themselves far away from the post-war aikikai? - - - - - Yes, I think Ueshiba got BETTER after the war, but he no longer taught how he did it - a lot of which was the pre-war instruction
I liked what Klickstein wrote in AikiNews # 28 (I know the issue because I just read it yesterday). He quoted an angry Ueshiba (upon seeing beginners (up to 3 dan) who were doing dance-like, light touch Aiki): "It took me 60 years of hard training to understand enough to move like that. How do you expect to do it in a few short years?"

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