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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

A large part of the this problem is that attacks are hardly ever "tested" because eveyone gets lazy and assumes that uke is supposed to "lose" anyway. Uke's job should be to cause a problem for the tori to solve and if their balance/structure/center/sente, etc. is taken, affected, disturbed, etc. they should remain active doing their best to recover their ability to continue to fulfil their intent to attack and be "dangerous." Of course, this must be done within appropriate levels of force, speed, skill, etc. to fulfil the training agreement at the moment with regard to ability, etc.

Instructors and teachers should be especially mindful of testing their uke in teaching situations. It is too easy for all of us to become lazy, complacent, or carried away with our own ego. There are several ways to test each other unexpectedly to be sure that our training is achieving what we intend. Uke has the hardest role in the training relationship. It's one of the main reasons that in serious embu, the senior person usually takes the uke role.

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