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Re: Western religion and Aikido

Gene Martinelli wrote:
Sorry to disagree with you Dylan, but you are not correct. O-Sensei clearly was directed to start his own dojo as a part & path of his religious/spiritual beliefs. O-Sensei most clearly did impose his beliefs into the practice of Aikido. How do you think it became a "Do?" So, you can choose to see the clapping and bowing as just respect to O-Sensei, but that is not all it means or its purpose. Finally, have you researched all the meanings of the Japanese affectation (think that is the right word) for "O?"
Again, I am not telling you to follow how I approach Aikido -it is always an individual quest-but if you think how I and perhaps others are approaching Aikido is ruining the practice...well please come down and take my class or train with me here or any of the seminars I am attending. Afterwords beer,food,& coffee while we argue/discuss/share and perhaps add one more friend to the growth of peace through Aikido.

Thank you for letting me know that. I will try to re word it.

I ment that during your practice of Aikido you did not need to adapt his religious beliefs and that you could still believe in whatever religion you want to believe in. Aikido is just a spiritual path without having to make your religion shinto, buddhism, or the religion that O-Sensei practiced (I don't remember the name of it).

I was wrong to criticize the partnership of religion and Aikido together. It would not ruin it, I just personally don't prefer it. I never was a church going fan, and if I had to say I was any religion it would be buddhist. So that is why my views are different than yours. But I also believe that if buddhism was to be integrated with Aikido it would indeed destroy it for me. I like the fact that Aikido is purely about finding the way to The Art of Peace. The religious part of any religion should stay in whatever place of worship they have. Otherwise it becomes too much of that religion and too little of Aikido. The way( ) changes to a different way. But that is only my personal view on it and is also why everyone's Aikido is different. This way people find the best way to practice Aikido for themselves.

Thank you for your insight though. I think I will take you up on your offer sometime, I am really interested in seeing how it works out.

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