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Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

Iriawan Kamal Thalib wrote:
My recommendation is not to dwell in it so much, it will be quite frustrating. The concept is not something to be understood quickly, but it is to mature, to evolve, with age and wisdom.
Actually I am not dwelling on it at all. What I am doing is trying to get an idea of how such a critical part of the Aikido strategic and philosophical paradigm is actually developed in other training methods. I hear a lot of the philosophical, cosmic harmony rhetoric but don't see nearly as much training methods and evaluation systems that induce or encourage the development or discovery of Mu Shin in the student at any level.

I am just wondering if, like spontaneous practical technical ability, it is hoped that one day the student will just understand or get some sort of enlightenement or it will happen via osmosis, instead of having some measurable means of guiding and training the student towards this ability. At least in Ki Society they have Ki tests from which one can infer one's development in "Ki" ability, is there anything that gives a similar measurement for Mu Shin or does one simply have to hope for the best?


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