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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Even with the term "aiki" in existence, there is still something here that created a change. Whether that change came from Deguchi, a military man, or even Takeda himself, something happened that caused Daito-ryu to become Daito-ryu aikijutsu.

While that may not seem significant, it appears to be the first time "aiki" was ever used in a name. And had it not been used, going from aikijutsu to Aikido, even from a governing board, probably wouldn't have happened.

As Ellis stated, it could just be that Takeda was being harsh with Ueshiba when he visited. In fact, if he had taken a dislike to Deguchi, it's highly probable that he would yell and say that the techniques were changed. Especially considering Ueshiba was teaching Deguchi's followers. We know that Takeda and Deguchi didn't like each other. But, think about that. Takeda doesn't like Deguchi. Ueshiba is teaching Omoto kyo followers. Deguchi doesn't like Takeda. But, yet, somehow, in the middle of all that, Takeda changes the name of his art.

I don't understand Japanese culture nearly as well as I should, but does that sound like something that should have happened?
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