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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

According to Kodo Taiso- (Kodo Korikawa -Kodo-kai founder's- father) Takeda mentioned frequently to hsi students "apply aiki" here "do aiki" there (You would have to know what "apply Aiki" means in Daito ryu). At any rate it is even recorded in Taisos journals from before Ueshiba ever even met Takeda.
And again Yoshida Kotaro, Horikawa Kodo, Sagawa Yukioshi all said Takeda would look at folks and say.
"You are small so I will teach you Aiki"
"You are big so I will teach you jujutsu"
He clearly and repetitively differentiated twixt the two?
And again the art had jujutsu, aikijujutsu, and Aiki-no-jutsu (art of aiki) What did it mean to say these things?

Hope beyond one man.
Suffice to say there is a reason Taiso, Kodo, Sagawa all looked at Ueshiba and his skills said Not to diss him, but that they knew in painstaking detail every, single, thing he was doing. The world only heard of Ueshiba -over- these men for certain reasons. Skill not being one of them. Yes Ueshiba was very skilled but If you really want to get serious and think things through. He never stood above thse men in skill. Once the veil veil was lifted Sagawa and Kodo's skill shone like the sun. and even Ueshiba's own students were in awe of Sokaku's skill, if not his personality.
Why do I bring it up? Its not one upmanship that I am pointing to. Its greater than any of that nonsense.
Its hope
If Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo, Hisa and...Ueshiba were taught it
It means it was NOT the skill of one man.
Why is that important?
It means its teachable.

Name change.

To "imply" or insinuate that Ueshiba changed the name is incorrect.
Be mindful- Deguchi's or any other's suggestion was made to?.....Takeda. It was he they went to for authority that they change the name. Why him?
And why the suggestion? Did it have any meaning other than the fact that Deguchin saw aiki? The power of aiki, and suggested it was so profound that it should be a corrnerstone for the name.
Secondly, what he saw at that time was Ueshiba still training under Takeda doing....Daito ryu.
The real question for those unfamilair with Kodo kai and Sagawa is what was this Aiki?
Why was teaching "it" to people different than jujutsu? Why is it that even today the Sagawa and Kodo branches are stand alone? They are "different." Why and how could Sagawa be so powerful into his 80's. That kodo was know for having men push ro grab him and lose their power.
What were they doing that was different

From Daito ryu to Aikido
Just to be correct the ultimate name of Aikido was granted by a governing board. Ueshiba had nothing to do with it. It came about after Ueshiba was asked to do a public demonstration. The orginizors wanted to name his art as something different. Some have suggested it was to not anger Sokaku. In any event it was agreed and recorded that this committee suggested the name "Aikido." Again Ueshiba had nothing to do with it and he himself had been searching for a name, going through signing and passing out scroll (direct copeis of Daito Ryu's Hiden Mokuroku)as; Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, Daito ryu Aikibudo, Aoi ryu. Just "Aikibudo," on and on. So "Aikido" seemed to be a fit.


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