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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Mark Murray wrote:
Ahhh, I did not know that it was Deguchi who suggested the name. That clears things up a bit. Thanks.

Still, it was the point of conception for the name, Aikido. Kind of important in that aspect.
Not sure it was Deguchi either. Prof. Shishida of Waseda Uni. says that it was most likely one of the military men inspired by a book that was in circulation at the time.

In any case, he also says that because of Ueshiba's relationship to Takeda (student-teacher) it was not him.

I got that from a draft of a conference presentation Shishida was making on the subject - it was based on the diary of Admiral Takeshita. Shishida doesn't say which military man - no smoking gun I'm afraid.

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