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Lightbulb Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

Michele Galante wrote:
Personally I think that Ueshiba Aikido was transcendent. People talk about slowed time during an accident, more time to react, people are facing death possibly at that moment, seeing and reacting to possible choices. Life events may passed before the mind. Why can't we train to transcend as well? Logical mind only takes us so far.

Thanks, kev, I used to ponder this stuff all the time, I think it is a necessary step. Now I just try to achieve by surrendering to these higher powers, God, call it what you will. I already believe it is possible.

I have nothing else to say, but just to agree with you on this one.

In the end... what are you trying to achieve with your Aikido?

There are many levels of answers to this...

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