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Lightbulb Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

Michele Galante wrote:
Great post, Kevin.
The question here is what is truth?


"Trust in the force Luke"


We live in a relative world, knowing only relative truth

The only absolute truth in this relative world is that there is none

Even infinity is not absolut. We say infinite because we cannot see the boundaries, so we say it is boundless. Does the boundary exist or not? We do not know because we never see it. If we see it, then we say the boundary exist. If we don't see it, the most human thing to say is, "It does not exist. I don't see it, therefore it is not there".

Even the universe right now is relative. It is bound by one of the rule that is of time and space. But, time and space existed only after the big bang, the beginning of the universe. What existed before that?

People would say nothingness, but this is not exactly true. Scientists would answer that they simply don't know. Something might exist before the big bang, but we can't perceive it because everything we live by, everything we know, is bound by time and space. So what happens if time and space does not exist? Or maybe it exist in another form than we cannot detect with all of our senses? Do we still say it does not exist?

Mushin no shin, the mind of no mind... in our relative world, people would think nihilism, others would say our way of thought and movement have become instinctual. As for instincts or muscle memory or reflexes or relaxation, etc., these are true up to a point, but it extends far greater than that.

As for how, a little bit of it I wrote it here:

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