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Re: Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Upon Morihei's return to Tanabe he found that his father had already passed away. Understandably, the death of his father left him in a state of depression and, in an effort to find a spiritual direction, he decided to move with his family to the Omoto center in Ayabe in the spring of 1920.

Under the guidance of Onisaburo Deguchi, Ueshiba engaged in farming and spiritual training. The enthusiastic and hard-working Morihei quickly won Onisaburo's confidence. Having learned of Morihei's martial skills, the Omoto leader encouraged him to provide martial arts instruction to followers of the religion. This led to the opening of his first dojo in his private residence, the Ueshiba Juku, where he taught the Daito-ryu jujutsu techniques he had learned from Sokaku Takeda. Ueshiba's reputation grew steadily and the ranks of practitioners in the tiny Ueshiba dojo swelled to include naval personnel from the port city of Maizuru. It is easy to imagine the pride that Onisaburo must have felt in having such a skilled martial artist in his midst. A photograph of Ueshiba inside his dojo reveals his massive, tank-like physique, and his tremendous physical strength is almost palpable [see photo, p. 38, AN94]. Sokaku Takeda's visit to Ayabe in 1922 was covered in some detail in the last issue [AN94]. Suffice it to say that this five-month period of intensive training under the demanding Takeda considerably deepened Ueshiba's grasp of Daito-ryu techniques. However, because of the mutual dislike of Onisaburo and Sokaku, the latter's impromptu visit to Ayabe also resulted in a strain in the relationship between Morihei and his jujutsu teacher that was never to be healed.

On the other hand, according to the history at the Swiss Shodokan Website:

Morihei met Sokaku in 1916 in the town of Engaru in Hokkaido and studied under him. He received certificates in March 1917 and in 1923. On 15th September 1923 he became qualified to teach. The certificate reads something like this:

Instructor Morihei Ueshiba,

Before taking on any pupil in Daitoryu Aikijujitsu you should first make sure that they are of sound character.

When you teach someone make them write their name, age, address, place where taught and the period of instruction on your list of students along with their seal.

For every student you teach pay three yen membership fee to Sokaku Takeda.

September 15th, 1923

So whatever strain is alluded to by Pranin, if the date on the Shodokan site is correct, Ueshiba was on sufficiently good terms with Takeda a year later to be awarded the Kyoju Dairi certificate, fully authorizing him to teach.

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