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Re: Western religion and Aikido

Dylan Clements wrote:
Aikido is supposed to be a martial art. Not a religion. Although it has spiritual aspects, it is not in anyway religious. O-Sensei's religious beliefs may have helped him to find the Art of Peace but he did not in anyway impose his beliefs into the practice of Aikido.
O Sensei ("Art of Peace"-- ed. J. Stephens) wrote:
The Art of Peace is the religion that is not a religion; it perfects and completes all religions.
In O Sensei's conception the practice of Aikido is a direct emanation of the "Art of Peace" that is
also transmitted through the kotodama, all of which spring from the root sound of creation "SU" (the Breath of Life, the Word of God, the Divine Logos). As such, there is nothing whatsoever remarkable, theologically speaking, about the quoted statement from an orthodox Christian perspective.

Or this one:
O Sensei wrote:
The Art of Peace that I practice has room for each of the world's eight million kami (gods), and I cooperate with them all. The God of Peace is very great and enjoins all that is divine and enlightened in every land.
"St. Thomas! Paging St. Thomas Aquinas!


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