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Ken Zink
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Re: What is good ukemi?

Eric Webber wrote:
I think great ukemi involves being able to stay connected to nage in a way that one can reverse at any given opening in the martial exchange, even when moving to save oneself from technique (whether rolling, falling backward, or preparing for a breakfall). Good aikido technique, then, is that which is not open to reversal in its execution. Good ukemi should lead to good aikido technique, and vice versa.
I think thats a great explanation of good Ukemi. The way I've been taught is basically that we are training to be effective with any attack in any situation, meaning even if someone is trying to kill you. So when we attack as Uke, regardless of how, we maintain that sincerity and intention throughout the motion. Staying full, present and aware so that you can fill in any opening that might be left by Nage, which means not bailing or running away from the technique. I really appreciate this approach because it just makes sense to me and explains why we practice the way we practices.
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