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Ueshiba, Takeda, & 1921 - What happened?

Somewhere around 1921, Takeda visited Ueshiba in Ayabe. Ueshiba had built a small dojo. Takeda seemed to think that the techniques had changed. Not only that, but after talking to Ueshiba, Takeda changed the name to Daito-ryu Aikijutsu.

To throw a wrench in things, it was around 1920 that Ueshiba met Deguchi.

Supposedly from 1915 to 1919, Ueshiba studied only Daito-ryu.

My question is what happened around 1919-1921 when Takeda visits and finds changed techniques? Enough of a change to accept adding "aiki" to Daito-ryu.

What influenced that change? What happened? Anyone know?
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