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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Man Ain't I the thread warrior today!

Mark Murray Wrote:

Just slightly off topic here. I just read something by Tomiki. He wasn't talking about fights, but his catagories could be used. He was talking about martial arts and violence and used these three catagories:

1. Control by killing.
2. Control by wounding.
3. Rejecting killing and wounding, moreover, simply controlling violence.
Geesh, I know it sounds like I am aikido bashing here...but I really, really hope it isn't taken that way.....

To be quite honest, I felt like I can better control my ability to span the gap from killing and wounding from my BJJ skill set, than I have learned in aikido.

Which is interesting as we spend more time talking about it and directly practicing it (so it seems) in aikido.

Ellis Amdur's post about two weeks ago really got me thinking about this as I always kinda felt that aikido was somehow MORE ethical and compassionate in it's approach to things from a technical standpoint.

I have no issue with it on a philosophical or principle standpoint as I think aikido has a very unique methodology of training which refines and cultivates the mind. I also think aikido is a wonderful methodology to teach posture, breathing, propriception, the whole ma'ai thing is wonderful too! I cannot describe in words what Aikido brings to the table as it has really defined me as who I am today in many ways.
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