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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Min wrote:

agree with you Kevin. Insofar as If your ONLY reason for training was for "real fights" then no, while Aikido may not be a WASTE of your time, there are waaay better and faster ways to achieve your stated goal.

On the otherhand, as we all recognize, Aikido offers something that is harder to glean from other MA's.

At my current level of training, I suffer no delusions: There are many people that I can dominate "on the mat" that could easily kick my ass "on the street." (shhhh, don't tell them )

I'm okay with that.
As you know, I am cool with that. (As if it really matters if I am or not right ) You hit the nail on the head which is why I presented the question anyway. It is a direct way to get people back on track as to what we need to focus on.

All I can tell you is it was a humiliating experience the day I had to fight a couple of guys in our MA program that had very little experience and I could not handle them adequately with my YEARS of training...then again, it is ME and my training so should not be a real suprise.

It made me stop and think hard about how I spent my time and reassess things from a different angle.

Again, not right or wrong, as it is personal to my personal practice and mastery.
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