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What is good ukemi?

Very recently, I attended a class where sensei was talking about what makes good ukemi. He outlined how ukemi changes depending on the type of practice one is engaging in. He also talked about how we should focus on being faster, more responsive, and "honest" while taking ukemi. Most interestingly, sensei talked about how, when he was young, and lived and trained in Japan, the students who thought they had good ukemi were never asked to help the instructor demonstrate a technique. I was curious as to what AikiWeb readers thought about the question, what makes "good ukemi?" Does it depend on the situation? Is it always the same? When uke, do we take ukemi for ourselves or for nage? Finally, when we watch someone train/train with someone, and think to ourselves, "Wow, they take great ukemi," why do we think this?

I am looking forward to your thoughts. Jeff
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