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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Great post guys.

Michael: It is not that aikido is NOT effective or useful, I never meant to imply that, only that if your sole focus in concentration was fighting skill, there are better ways to spend your time, hence this is why I kinda hate to get into these discussions because it ends up being a perspective thing, kinda oil and water.

Avery: I completely agree with you too a point. I think you have articulated well why to study aikido, I have no issues and frankly study for the same reasons. I am simply dragging it down to the core level of fighting and isolating the thing that alot of people seem to fixate on and then proceed to get confused about why they are studying.

Avery wrote:

Same with MAs. BJJ could give me that 75% quick, and given the narrow odds that I'm going to actually end up H2H with someone ugly, that would be enough in most cases. But if I know the principles as well, I'm even further ahead.
You MIGHT be further ahead, you MIGHT not. That is sort of my point, once you get down into territory of shudothug.

Avery wrote:

I've got a lifetime (ok, half a lifetime) to master this stuff. So for the first 15 years, I keep my mouth shut and stay away from biker bars
You MIGHT have a lifetime....actually you may have the rest of your life. Reminds me of one of our airborne riddles, "how long do you have to pull your reserve...answer: the rest of your life."

Let me pose this:

IF you could invest say a small amount of your martial career learning to handle yourself somewhat proficiently in an altercation... (assuming that this is an important thing to you)....then why would you NOT establish this proficiency upfront and THEN move on to better understand the principles? Or concurrently?

To continue on the Doctor analogy: Before Surgeons do open heart surgery they have to master some degree of proficiency at some very basic skills, many which are NOT sexy.

Same with Lawyers (right Min), if you are going to be a court room lawyer, you probably should master some public speaking skills and debate skills prior to actually going in the court room.

Those skills may not be important if you are going into research or patent depends I think on your focus.

I am NOT advocating abandoning the practice of principle oriented arts as being useless or unimportant, actually I do as well as I do BECAUSE of them. I am simply posing some thoughts on the subject about looking at things slightly different, some of which may be outside of your paradigm or comfort zone...that is all.

I think it depends on your focus and goals. I am not one to judge or criticize why anyone does what they do as there are many ways.

Good discussion!
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