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Min Kang
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Re: "Proactive" Aikido?

Train. A lot.
Yup. No substitute for sweat.

You've got good teachers, so trust in what they show you, try some things out after class. See what happens, and figure out what works.
It's unfortunate that I don't get a chance to see them very often. But then again, I'm lucky if I pick up one thing per seminar anyway. And even then, I usually don't see it until waaaay later.

aikido as you see it in the dojo is probably not how it will work out if someone decides to take your head off.
Ron, I'm not so interested in learning Aikido to "defend myself" (which is too often a euphemism for "I want to learn to kick ass"). But I'm just trying to figure out in what context Aikido techniques make sense, period, even in a sterile, dojo setting. Given an honest attack, that is, not one of those overlycommittedfloatinglimpwristed attacks.

I think you've got a good base for dealing with this in getting offline, setting and controlling the ma ai, moving proactively. The devil will be in the details, especially when the situation is bound to be chaotic.
Details. sigh.

They that have power to hurt and will do none,
That do not do the thing they most do show,
Who, moving others, are themselves as stone ...
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