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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Fights come in all shapes and sizes, "real fights" can sometimes have rules themselves, just ask a police officer. So many arguments are started because people think that a "fight" has a particular definition. Here are some examples of "fights" that would have completely different characteristics.

1) A drunken uncle trying to knock you out at a holiday party
2) A police officer trying to subdue an unarmed teenage shoplifter
3) A woman being mugged by two larger men while walking home from work
4) Someone picks a fight with you during your hockey game
5) You're a bouncer trying to "escort" someone out of the bar
6) The cashier at a mini mart being robbed at gun point
7) A soldier with an M16 fighting insurgents in Iraq

In some of the above situations, you're goal is simply to survive. In some others, you have a more specific goal, and simply running away would not be an option. In some of these situations, you also have rules; IE the police officer would not be allowed to strike the opponent in the eyes, or break a limb, or kill his opponent. There are endless scenarios we could all think of that require different skills and abilities. The nice thing about Aikido, is that the principles learned can be applied in all scenarios; but we should be careful to define what a "real fight" is, or what style is effective or not from our own experiences. Everyone has their reasons for training, and even though some of us may train in the same art, we are not all training for the same reasons, or with the same goals.

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