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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Yea sure Michael...nothing ever goes as planned.

I like the quote you use in the Army..."No plan ever survives the first hour of battle."

This thread is not really going in the direction I want to go in as these threads always get sticky and emotional and I or someone else usually says something that we later regret.

But, let me pose this:

If your main concern was learning how to be effective for real in various scenarios on the street, why on earth would you waste your time studying aikido when there are more efficient methodologies for training these things?

I think that we study aikido for lots of reasons, I do, and okay we can go down the path about all the mind development, and how that has third order effects on whether we can avoid a fight, or we can get into all they other things we always talk about...

but my question is more direct in nature to actual physical violence. If that is our concern, wouldn't you want to train in someway that best taught you to win?
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