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Mike Galante
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Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

Great post, Kevin.
The question here is what is truth? Is it a concept from the mind or is it a state of being? The axis of knowledge and intelligence vs. wisdom and being. Knowing (O) is looking back and remembering, naming. The moment is lost.
Its like walking through a beautiful garden with your loved one and naming the genus, species of the flowers as you walk. Very intelligent, but the moment is diminished, the childlike wonder of the beauty, color, fragrance, the effect of the flower on the soul, to open and expand and by being so, sharing this with your loved one (A).
The act of naming, eg oh that is a tree, oh that is a technique. Robs one of the total experience.
That is the way I see Aikido, like has been mentioned, learning chords on an instrument, then when it becomes part of you, it doesn't have to be thought about. We begin to feel more on the mat, the feeling nature is more expansive, and can take us further.
Kevin, you may not think that the future can be seen, but many mystics say that when you are "there" the past, present and future can be experienced.
Personally I think that Ueshiba Aikido was transcendent. People talk about slowed time during an accident, more time to react, people are facing death possibly at that moment, seeing and reacting to possible choices. Life events may passed before the mind. Why can't we train to transcend as well? Logical mind only takes us so far.

Thanks, kev, I used to ponder this stuff all the time, I think it is a necessary step. Now I just try to achieve by surrendering to these higher powers, God, call it what you will. I already believe it is possible.

"Trust in the force Luke"


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