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Re: High kicking

David Sim wrote:
One thing that a lot of people seem to have been saying is that you need to set up a high kick and / or wait for a suitable opening. Is it that highly trained grapplers have particularly better resources against a high kick[1] or just that they don't obligingly stand there and box with you until that opening arrives? So rather than carefully waiting for an oppurtunity you tend to either end up grappling on the floor or getting impatient and going for a high kick when the opening isn't there....

I'm suggesting this based on reading what other people have said and 'thinking about it' rather than from experience of trying it,[2] but afaict once someone's sharp enough / well trained enough to see the high kick coming and go for an effective counter, aren't they going to pretty much own you whether they're a grappler or not?

[1] and I can see alot of things I wouldn't want to happen to me while high kicking a grappler, but then I wouldn't want a highly trained muay thai fighter to catch my leg and then elbow me in the side of the head,either.
[2] the latter seeming to be a rather better way of arriving at the truth on these sorts of issues....
Hi David. Good analysis there.

One thing about good high kickers like the link I posted above is that they are also good leg and body kickers. With good kickers, the kicks all look the same at the onset. After a few leg or body kicks, you can be a little leary of taking another, and then that's when one comes to the head. It looks like another leg kick, but goes to the head before you realize it. Logic would tell you that the sheer distance it has to travel would tip you off, but they can be very difficult to see, and very difficult to predict where they land, especially if you are also focused on their hands and other possible weapons. It happens very fast.

There is also a preconception, that anyone who is a good grappler can take a striker down at will. For most opponents this is in fact the case, but I have seen many strikers develop excellent sprawling skills, that make it very difficult, almost impossible to take down. Look at Chuck Liddel, Mirko Filipovic, George StPierre.
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