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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

"Real fights are fights that occur in reality.
I defy anyone to categorize them successfully.
Gand members fight
Soldiers fight
Housewives kill every day with kitchen cutlery.
Kids kill.
Killing really isn't that difficult.
How about the 5th dan Judoka in a bar on Hawaii who grabbed his opponents Hawaiian shirt? It ripped off him. The guy then stabbed the Judoka in the aorta. Dead. Real fight.

Fighting an experienced fighter is actually safer!!! Its also far more diffucult, but its rather artificial.
Who fights experienced fghters? They avoid it unless is it agreed to with rules.

And MMA? It intense but only another version of "real"
I do jujutsu, so I object to their version of "real."
They took away part of my power from the get go in this version of reality. I throw and body slam. They fight on a spring loaded floor
How about they throw on concrete and blody slam. Try a single leg on your knees on asphalt. Lift from a triangle choke attempt ala Jackson and drop the ground-game guy on his head on asphalt?

So much comes from what men "see."
For the smart ones men see what THEY want them to see. -works great for budo and for T.V.

The ground game that most men see today came from a little guy doing judo and having to learn o relax and fight smarter. He created BJJ.
The idea of the original MMA the young crowd see on television was experienced groundgame fighters taking experienced stand-up fighters into the ground game guys advantage. Nothing more than making themfight YOUR fight.
Over time the smart guys learned to "stay standng up" and make the groudn guys have to continually re-engage and thus beat the crap out of the ground game guys.
Then we had the ground and pound-my favorite.
It was why you saw a differecne between BJJ and Vale tudu.

The lesson is to learn to do it all. Stop this Three card monty game of "you do this -I do that."
Fighting is about principes in use ? Well sure.....ok.
I say fighting is a mind game
Then conditioning and training
The only way to learn to fight is to train to fight, then...... to fight.
Thousands of guys are doing it, in gyms all over the world. No one is dying and they are learning a skill set, based on principles that will, in the end make able-bodied men with skills over the heads of most in the Martial arts world.
Women cannot compete equally with men either.
It is not the great equalizer. It simply is what it is.
Internal stength is slowly becoming known in this venue as well. Together the combined skills will make the greatest fighters in the world.
There's no stopping the ever increasing interest.

The greatest equalizer to "principles" is the experienced classical budo-guy now doing MMA. He'll hand you your "principles" back to you... in spades.
Again, just go do it all. Roll and have fun.

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