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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

I guess one is always free to label things "moderate", etc., but in my experience, based upon what I was seeing, neither moderate skill nor small confines, nor even knowing where one's attackers will be, will account for one being sensitive to that time-space of aiki-initiation.

Additionally, from my point of view, he's not moving with his uke matching his pre-action - as you see all kinds of places (and which was mentioned by others here). He's doing something else, which is why you rarely see folks that move and then have their uke match them try such things blindfolded. They just don't do that, for the obviousness it brings to such assigned timing responsibilities (i.e. having nage standing with their arm reaching out a second or two before uke even begins to think about what to do).

If someone wants to really investigate this, one can film about 45 seconds, straight, with no editing, from a single camera, in as small a room as they would like to have, having at least moderate skill, having their uke's do their utmost best to match their timing, and see if they can demonstrate the same skill I am suggesting is present in Barrish. This is one more way a person can discover for themselves what is present and/or not present in the video - a way outside of differing opinions.

If a person has watched the video in the manner in which I suggested, and then they still see some sort of parlor trick (of one kind or another) in regards to the sensitivity issues I am discussing, not much left to discuss then. One says it's there, another says it's not; one says it's hard to manifest, another says it's not; one says it's a parlor trick, one says it's not. Well, not much left to discuss. :-) Either way, I respect your opinion and acknowledge that it is one of the possible interpretations. Thanks for sharing it. Much appreciation.


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