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Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

wow, lots to read and ponder. It will take me a few hours to work my way through this.

A couple of thoughts though. I am reading some of Krishnamurti's writings on meditation right now, so I am some what influenced by him at this time.

I think that the basic principle of no mind is to strip away all of the paradigms, prejudices, assumptions, attitudes, fears...etc that we use to percieve the world around us. That is, reach the truth.

Once we reach the truth, we can see things for as they really are.

I think O'sensei probably felt that if you could do this, then you could honestly respond appropriately and honestly relate to the world around you. This extended to physical confrontation as well.

Krishnamurti felt that the sole purpose of meditation was to help us reach the state of truth.

I see this directly relating to no mind.

It may be semantics again, but I do not think that it is possible to see something happen before it actually happens, i.e. see into the future. I think what can happen though is that the better we understand the truth, the more responsive we can be.

That may translate into right action taken before it manifest into physical action.

I think we have all had experiences in which after the fact we say "man i should have seen that coming!"

meditation is a tool that will allow us to see the truth, but it in itself does not give us the skills needed to respond to every situation.

Hence, the example about being a doctor above.

I was very sick a few months back, I intrinsically new I was sick, I'd like to think because I am very in tune with my KI. Docs thought I was crazy because nothing showed up on test, but I felt sick. After a month of test and admission in to the best tropical disease clinic in turned out I had mono They simply did not run the right test!

While I knew I was sick, others did not percieve it, and I did not possess the skills necessary to correctly diagnose and treat my illness.

Aikido I think is much in line with this. It can be a form of physical meditation, we can enhance our ability to read people honestly and truthfully, but we must also read and understand ourselves. It also gives us skills theorectically to deal with the physical manifestation of conflict as well.

Nothing mystical or magical. I don't think though that you can see into the future, or dodge bullets before they are fired, but all of us can certainly go a long way in setting karma in a different direction by becoming more aware of our influence and place in the world.
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