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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

Michael Fooks wrote:
Either that or he moves whenever and his uke's are responding to him. I've seen that happen before.
Bingo! It's incredibly easy to look good when all you have to do is sense the movement while knowing that wherever you go and whatever you do it's going to be safe and it's going to work. Then, all you have to do is maintain form and you'll look like a stud.

As to the blindfold drill. Consider that he's working in a small space, where he roughly knows where his attackers will be (they make lots of noise too), and all he has to do is wave his hands and they'll fall or move in very conditioned patterns. It's a parlor trick which anyone with moderate skill, those kinds of ukes and some time spent with the drill could pull off.

David I understood what you were saying and I never said he didn't have any skill. I'm just saying that the results he achieves are not warranted by his skill. His ukes flopped and flopping ukes make what you think you are seeing possible.

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