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Mike Galante
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Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

My question is if the "state of nothingness" allows one to transcend time and by extension, timing in Aikido then how does one develop this ability in the sense of physical technique?
Words are totally inadequate for this topic, but what the hell I've made a fool of myself enough in this forum why stop now.

Here are the words, from my head. Nothingness is a state/place within this is pre-manifestation, pre-energy, pre-everything. It is the place from which creation springs. If you are there, then "technique" is born organically in your Aikido.
The paradox is that if you are at the vortex of this universe, then all about you is alive and in total harmony as your being is at this peaceful center.

As I have had glimpses, both on the soccer pitch, and on the mat. You are surrendered, no desires. You have no opponent, you see his mind coming before he does, so therefore he cannot hit or capture you. When you move and evade effortlessly you do not say, oh what at great move that was, or oh I have achieved oneness. You will break the connection with the universal and you will cease to be at one. There is no need to worry about timing or anything else. It is exhilarating and peaceful at the same time.

Here are a few ways to achieve:

1) meditation/spiritual practice kototama and other mind stilling exercises done faithfully with whole mind daily.

2) practice on the mat with the same intensity as # 1).

Nothing new under the sun.

My $0.02

Got to go to class,

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