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Re: How do you train/achieve nothingness?

If I am nothing, I do not exist and therefore require no training, nor have I any purpose.

If I am not attached to things - even those that I care about - I can choose right action even when I might find it distasteful. Moreover, I am likely to do so without "conscious" thought.

When we think of conscious thought we usually mean thinking in symbols or language. There are levels of thought that happen without such symbols. Training those is much harder and at least as important as training "conscious" thought.

I'd say more important when it comes to physical action because such thought happens faster and is more directly connected to our physical being.

I dislike the the disconnection that seems inherent in training to empty ourselves. It seems to be as much a form of escapism as a form of training. To think without attachment, to decide without conscious thought does not require emptiness, it requires training to think in that way.

It is not, really, training to be "nothing" but to do no thing. Even that can be misleading. To do "no thing" is not inaction, but action in the most useful and productive way because we are open to it.

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