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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

I know Barrish Sensei by reputation. I know several people who have trained with him. Whatever he says, he is kind of a "ki-monster" by all accounts.

In other words, he's tapped into something very powerful that works well for him. I've never actually met or trained with him, but the people I train with who know him have told me enough about him for me to form one conclusion, especially now that I've seen this video (or at least parts of it):

Your mileage may vary.

A lot of what he does will work every time when he does it, but won't work at all when someone else tries it.

This doesn't surprise me much. It's not the first time I've encountered someone like this. My experience of Koichi Tohei Sensei was very much the same: what he was doing was very real and "works". But for me to try to do the same thing ignores the fundamental fact that I am not Koichi Tohei.

FWIW: I've also experienced Aikido with the kind of power I see in the video. I've also experienced people who think they can do it but actually can't. It's not easy to tell which is which from a video, but I tend to believe what I'm seeing in this particular video. But I wouldn't recommend someone go running off to train with Barrish Sensei based on it.

There are lots of good reasons to train with Barrish Sensei, but this video isn't one of them.

In any case, I certainly appreciate his calligraphy on the wall at my dojo.

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