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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei


i really appreciate this post. here's osesnei saying pretty much the same thing, methinks: "Absorb venerable traditions into this new art by clothing them with fresh garments, and build on classic styles to create better forms." to wit: aikido is not limited to what we now think of as "aikido technique". aikido technique is any technique that maintains aikido principles as its center. so when i recently demonstrated a technique that combined something i learned from budo taijutsu with irimi nage, i didn't feel like i wasn't doing aikido.

however, i would just caution against thinking that aikido waza aren't applicable. i've seen all of the controls used to great effect, as i have with irimi nage and some kokyu nages. hell, i've been able to use aikido technique to avoid being taken to the ground and ultimately win the fight. not against some highly trained bjj player, but the fella had been a champion high school wrestler. i also recently broke up a fight in which a bjj guy i know was fighting three guys, and doing what he knows, took one of them to the ground (quite beautifully) and then started getting kicked in the face by the other two. while i suspect that aikido randori training would help me to be more likely to avoid exactly that situation. and this past summer i helped to teach "tactical aikido" to some d.e.a agents, most of whom have since used what we taught them in the field.

all of this is why i find this video interesting. if what he is doing is real, even if the exact outcomes are the result of the specific ukemi training they receive, i see how it is applicable. yet another expansion of possibilities, both in terms of spiritual development and defense applications.


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