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Re: The MOST important technique?

Kevin W:

I had the same experiences too when starting BJJ, the whole speed thing being too fast. My beginning students are always doing this.

I think it is human nature to make up for lack of skill by using speed and strength. As we develop skill, it is less important and we increase the gap that allows us options.

I see no difference in this from BJJ or Aikido really. Different ranges that is all. we struggle for Centimeters and meters in aikido, Centimeters and milimeters in BJJ.

That said, I think it is much easier to hold someone honest and accountable in BJJ for good technique than aikido. As I watch youtube videos, I see a bunch of stuff that is considered good aikido that I personally think is very poor aikido.

I was watching some of Ikeda Sensei's videos and would say that the ones I watch of his were good aikido, if you are looking for what I would consider to be good. He spends a great deal of time dealing with a direct attack, working Kokyu.
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