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Originally posted by kironin

Aside from Stan's historical speculation,

Koichi Tohei Sensei teaches that the movements of the jo that we do are a combination of movements adopted from yari, naginata, and staff.

makes sense when going through the movements, and it would be sort of hard to believe that Osensei had not seen these three weapons used a number of times as well as done some training in at least one of them.

it's pretty clear we are not doing some form SMR jodo or or other koryu in these weapons.

From everything that I've read Aikijo is is a creation of Osensei's most of which was taken from Yari and Jukendo though staff (I'm assuming you mean bo) and noogie noogie could also be ingredients from what I've seen of those two arts. This seems to be pretty consistant with what the Aikijo syllabus contains. Though most of it is a relation to the aikido taijutsu priciples and not a weapon art. It most definatly isn't anything like the Takeuchi ryu or SMR Jo that I have done

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