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Re: The MOST important technique?

Michael Fooks wrote:
nice! I'd love to push more of my bjj guys into some aikido training. the ones that came with me from aikido hve a definate advantage in some areas.
I agree with you there Michael. The vast majority of my Jujutsu students are from Aikido and are able to control their resistance levels quite well to work on the issues at hand, coming from Aikido practice. The hard, resistance-driven JJ randori makes them realise also what things should be like (as far as mindset goes) when doing full resistance randori in Aikido like we do for shiai or self protection training. The mind/body connection however must be relaxed more so in Aikido else nothing works (ma ai control, timing, tai sabaki etc. get compromised) so its quite a challenge, but I think the JJ randori has taught them not to fear resistance and allow tension to come into their mind/body as a result. In this way they learn more and more to relax and "switch on" mentally during Aikido resistance randori without getting tense.

The beauty of resistance is that it forces you to execute proper waza by generating power from the core and ground and not by using the muscles at the extremities.


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