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Re: The MOST important technique?

yeah I know what you mean about getting caught having to do something different. Add to that we spend so much time telling people to practice what has been taught, but when there is no room in class to develop your own sponanaeity you have to either ignore that crucial aspect of practice or occassionally do stuff that is different to what has been demo'd\

I am of course talking in extremes. there are some opportunities to practice ina more free manner, but I'd contend not nearly enough. I think if you set the right culture with the appropriate supervision it can work well.

Having said that of course one of the challenges I have with my BJJ guys is getting them to take the right approach to the "warm up roll" i.e. rolling without resistance, moving through positions acquiesing to the other as they move through postions etc etc. In otherwords an aiki jiyu approach to bjj. It's a constant struggle to not have this stage of class degenerate into sparring. And I think it is this that I am talking about in an Aikido context as well, so yeah, it has some challenges.

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