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Re: The MOST important technique?

Hey Michael,

I am tracking with you and understand exactly what you are saying. It has been a while since I have been in my aikido dojo, but we I used to do this before and after class with people. If you and I were in the same dojo I'd do that with you no problem.

Yes I think it is important for sure.

I think this is a tough issue given the nature of the dynamic some dojos.

One thing that comes to mind is in dealing with uke's that do not give the appropriate attack that the instructor has requested in the demo. It becomes very frustrating trying to practice the response that was requested to be practiced. No matter how hard you try to beat the round peg in the square hole it does not work. So you do something else that is appropriate.

About that time, the instructor walks by and I get caught doing the wrong technique and I get that instructor "well that is not what I was looking for try this.." oh well! Can't win!

We would do randori from time to time in our dojo. I think though again, given the dynamic in the dojo that randori degrades fast into very bad training if not properly controlled...then what do you have? poor training?

Randori is appropriate in the dojo I think. you have to balance things.

I think this training works well in BJJ dojo because of the focus on training to be successful in your fighitng skills. In an aikido dojo maybe not so well as we are trying to focus on a different side of the art. Again, a little of this is okay though from time to time.
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