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Re: The MOST important technique?


You don't support good attacks? That is what I meant by tactical. All attacks should be centered and realistic. How does that differ from your opinion?

I think a logical conclusion in most cases is to fall if your balance is taken. However, it may mean moving to regain your balance. I don't believe it should be a predetermined conclusion that she will always fall, if that is not an appropriate response. Balance taken does cause things to falling.

I don't practice Aikido to practice fighitng, i practice it to learn aikido. I do other things to practice fighting.

I believe much of this is semantics.....however, again, and of course it is my opinion....practicing to have KI is like practicing to see if you have eyes and can see...kind of a useless practice since you already can do this.

Practicing how to use what you inately already possess is what you are really opinion.

don't mean to imply my way is the only way...hence the words I use like "I think" and "my opinion"

The wonderful thing about aikido is that it allows people to experience things and interpret them for themselves. Don't believe I have ever said my way is the only way!
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