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Mike Galante
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Re: The MOST important technique?

For me the most important technique is the one which, in the moment, uses the least ki for the most harmony.

The argument about weak attacks is a great one. How can anyone hope to learn without uke giving anything. For me, good ukemi is where there has been a strong initial attack with much ki, committing all the way, then if nage leads, then uke loses and never regains full balance. But, for example uke gives a "stingy" attack holding back, it may be impossible to do the technique. But if uke is not being honest, and wants to trick nage, then, especially for the beginner, this will make progress difficult at best.

In my humble opinion:

What is fighting?

The attacker wants something from nage.

The attacker is incomplete in himself he wants some of your energy, maybe your love. He needs a teacher but does not know it.

The attacker would not attack if he could help it.

If the attacker had inner peace he would not attack.

You practice Aikido, you have inner peace, he wants it, he would like to learn how to obtain it.

He attacks, you guide him into submission, at first he feels afraid, that you may hurt him, but, surprise! By the time he has realized, you have not hurt him!

You have opened him, enlightened him, you gave him what he wanted with an open heart you taught him, he learned.

He now feels no malice, just gratitude that this "superior" being with his gentleness, loved me instead of punishing and resisting me.

Conflict resolved, Technique complete.

You have succeeded in bringing heaven down to earth, the aim of Aikido. The way of harmony with spirit.

So simple and easy!
(yeah right)


Love, Peace, Harmony, God Bless,

Mike Galante
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