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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
Not necessarily. I think in an attempt to be diplomatic, you're adding to the dissimulation.
I'm not being diplomatic, I'm being greedy. I would like to know what you think. I would like to know what he thinks. However I'm not going to learn anything if everyone spends their time telling each other to shut up!

Of course you can react immediately to what anyone posts on these threatds. typing out a quick reaction that speeks from the gut would give you a small ammount of emotional satisfaction and amisspelled reply, but who cares? Grammarn, spelling puicnctiona goes out the window with rationality, wince this is all an emotioinoal outburst...i mean WHAT THE&%$*()%$%$# ANYWAY!!! WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE TELLING EM HOW TO DO AIKIDO?? i ALREADY KNOW HOW!!

When you read reactions like that, you have to ask yourself, "Who looks like the fool here?" What's interesting is that you can't hide anything you've written. As long as the server is up, anyone with internet access can read your reply. Your message can be read for years to come by people who know you as well as complete strangers. An interesting thing to do is to go over your old messages and read them as if they were written by someone else. Do I write like an idiot? Do I still agree with that point of view?

You didn't even let him get to the good stuff. Why would he think zazen is so important? What are the benefits of aikido and zazen? What does he think is the essence of aikido that kototama and zazen uncovers? How has aikido changed as he sees it, after a 26 years absence? Why did he stop practicing and why did he restart? Did he do zazen and kototama during that period? How can you expect people to explain their positions, unless you allow them to speak?

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
...Argument was inevitable.
If you let it happen. Your reaction is a major part of the equation. Of course you could use your skill and technique to avoid conflict. We know that since we both do aikido.

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