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Re: funny grading moments

Mildly Amusing.
During higher ranking (2nd kyu and up) tests, My sensei usually waits for the nage to throw two (or more)ukes at the same time to end the test. During my shodan test I was having such a good time and enjoying the movement, that i was doing my best to not perform this feat (either that or the stinkers were trying to make me go longer..) However, at one point one uke attacked with a yokomen, and while redirecting that attack, a second yokomen came from the opposite side. It seemed (to me at least) the most natural thing in the world to join the to ukes together. They seemed a bit confused to suddenly be hugging each other, but I guess sensei thought that was close enough to a double throw, because while the whole dojo was laughing, he called an end to the test.
Thats my story and I'm Sticking to it.

Non Satis Scire
Niadh Feathers
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