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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Ted Ehara wrote:
However if you simply declare your beliefs, it can be seen by others to be a challenge to their own beliefs and practices. Instead of starting a discussion, you'll start an argument.
Not necessarily. I think in an attempt to be diplomatic, you're adding to the dissimulation. Simple declaration would consist primarily of "I statements": 'I like to do Aikido this way', 'I got much more out of Aikido because I did it this way', even 'I think Aikido works better when you add x,y,z', etc... What the poster repeatedly said was not declarative, but accusatory. He did not just say what he believed, or what he liked, he said everyone else was doing it wrong, and that they should be doing something differently. It was not really a choice to see this as a challenge, as you are claiming here. Argument was inevitable.
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