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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Michele Galante wrote:
Kevin, Please,
-It was a joke, did you see the LOL? (it means laugh out loud)
-What glossary? That was a list.
-I am not implying any enlightenment.
-I am specifically trying to provoke discussion. I am not attacking anyone. I am not interested, in this context, in toning down anything. This is, in my mind, too important to gloss over.

You want to know why?

Because that is how I was taught by Nakazono, who was taught by Usheba. Zazen, Kototama sounds, Aikido.

Because after 26 years off the mat, I just recently returned and it seems that there is still hardly a mention about the real essence of Aikido. In my humble opinion. It is like the emperors new clothes.

I admit, I can bee too critical at times, and for this I do apologize, I really don't wish to offend, just wake up!
Peace be with you Kevin

It is just so easy to misconstrue the written word. Much better in person, maybe we could talk sometime in person.
I think you are seriously confused, being disingenous, or both. Claiming that you are "joking" as a way to deflect criticism, whilst simultaneously reaffirming how "important" your points are and how serious you are taking this isn't going to work. I am not offended, even though you just implied I lack awareness to the point of being asleep in the same sentence. I can't see why you would keep trying to make this about personal insult, unless it is just more in the way of dissimulation and intellectual dishonesty. It is clear to me that you are not trying to provoke a discussion, but instead deliver a lecture. The implication that you know best and we don't is unmistakable, and you have reiterated it repeatedly. I see no evidence that you are listening to what I or anyone else here is saying. I suggest you abandon the evangelism and look to your own awareness, enlightenment, and training... especially if you haven't trained for decades.
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