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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Cursed and reviled? 'Where's the compassion?' Sounds like some pretty high drama hyperbole coming from someone implying their own enlightenment and understanding in contrast to us benightened, confused, ordinary people.

I saw people, including myself, criticising what you said and disagreeing with it. I did not see any cursing, reviling, nor any surplus of or lack of compassion directed at you personally. I propose you added that for yourself. If you want people to respond more agreeably, I suggest toning down the whole "you guys don't know jack about Aikido" angle.

As for the rest, I simply don't buy into your set of assumptions or glossary of terms. Since you apparently made no attempt to understand anything I wrote, I feel no motivation to translate and try to bridge the gap.
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