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Re: Budo vs Martial Art ?

Thanks for the info Kevin. It sounds like a great system. As you know, I do not advocate just bjj if you are going to get into a knock down drag out fight. I'm glad the army's system isn't just bjj either.

And I do agree it is an exciting time to be involved in martial arts. But I would say as long as you are training with instructors willing to be open minded enough to let the excitement in. I'm not going to get into that though.

I'll have to read into acephalus orgs. I've been pushing my company to switch from hourly to performance based pay. As you can tell, I sometimes have lots of free time. I wish I could spend it somewhere other then this chair.

I have a few friends recently out of the marines, they were not all that impressed with the combatives program they went though (They joined up in 2000). I hope they are following in the same stride.

- Don
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