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Re: The MOST important technique?

I take on board what the Kevin's have to say. Aikido is aikido and if you want MMA go train it. But isn't there a mid ground? As Larry has alluded to, this type of thread comes up regularly. Regularly enough that perhaps we want to ask ourselves - are there enough people within the Aikido community dissatisfied with how we practice that we should look at it?

I agree with the original post in that the vast majority of Aikido attacks I've seen have been over committed telegraphed and unrealistic. Sure I've heard plenty of people say the dojo *they* train in doesn't suffer from that but most of the practive I've seen live or on video belies that.

And it annoys me because I truly believe aikido to be a wonderful martial art. And I truly believe that some of the seniors I've trained under can utilise it in "realistic" circumstances. But I think the majority of practitioners get stuck in a training method appropriate for white belts. There is often less of an expectation of failure than I've witnessed in some other arts. BJJers expect to get tapped at all levels, judoka expect to get thrown, kareteka expect to get hit, but many or most Aikido dan grades do not expect to get hit or fail in their technique. That is a cultural feature of aikido which results in attackers not pushing the attack for fear their nage *will* fail and that that's not acceptable.

Or it could be that I"ve just had too much wine tonight.

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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