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Re: The MOST important technique?

Have to agree with Larry and Kevin above. I study aikido. I also don Blauer suits and train full force these days.

We pretty much use decent attacks back home in my aikido dojo, centered, balanced, controlled, always ready to reverse.

The thing I think we have to remember is this. Expectations, goals, and endstates.

Why are you studying what you are studying? Don't try and make Aikido something it was never designed to do.

I think most of us from time to time, myself included, try and turn aikido into what we want it to be, and aikido has it's own goals. We should "let go" and learn the lessons it is designed to teach us....not try and beat it into something we want it to be.

Kevin Willibank's advice above is good advice, and good learning and perspective can come out of it.

Aikido is simply not going to turn you into a efficient fighitng machine, but it may teach you a thing or two about humanity.
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