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Mark Freeman
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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Interesting post Kevin, thanks.

I only sporadically practice the Ki meditation I have been taught, and sometimes wonder if my aikido would be improved if I did it more often. As I have been steadily progressing since I started I haven't attached too much importance to it, maybe I should?

For me aikido is the most effective form of meditation, it is dynamic and just as beneficial as any sitting meditation you can come up with. With sitting, you may be able to reach some places that aikido doesn't get to, but with aikido, the mind and body, rather than the just the mind, are required to function in dynamic movement. For me, this is where the 'ki of heaven and the ki of earth' can be found. I've had enough 'glimpses' to know that it is there. Not that sitting doesn't give you a similar 'end result', but I find it hard on my old legs

I find what I call time dilation particularly interesting - time moves more slowly, and extremely deft, fast physical responses and actions become effortless. I begin to invent and self-learn at an astonishing rate.


p.s. Happy New Year to all, I'm off skiing for the first time, so I'm going to be doing a lot of getting up off the ground, in the next week. Aikido!

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